So You May Be Wondering

It started with piece of fake jewelry. About fifteen years ago, some friends and I were out at fixture of the San Antonio urban culture known as “First Friday”. This event included exhibitions of art, live music stages, and street musicians, as well as vendors of all sorts.” A friend of mine who was similarly interested in all things occult and weird had found a silver ring among a bunch of different tacky jewelry at a street cart. It was a masonic ring. Heavily intrigued by the mysteries of these mysterious men, my friend, we’ll call him Drew, took the ring off the vendors hands for about twenty-five dollars. It was not until we got back to my dorm room at Trinity University that we found out we had been had.

“This isn’t a ‘G’ on this ring!” Drew exclaimed, “This is a ‘C’!” Sure enough, in the middle of the square and compass where a G for the Almighty Deity should have been engraved, was most obviously a C.  For what we wondered? We ran through a list of possible correspondences off the top of our heads, not a small feat considering Drew was a Catholic going on Kabbalist and I was miring myself in a strange mixture of Wicca and Hermetic teachings ( hey I don’t judge you for what you do in your spare time).

It didn’t take us long to settle on the astrological attribution of Cancer, although looking back on it now I cannot for the life of me recall why we settled on that.  All the while we’d been discussing the merits and thrills of belonging to a secret society and pondering how we might join an illustrious society such as the Free Masons. I was around twenty or twenty-one at the time, which placed Drew in his last year of high school. Neither of had the slightest clue of how to go about joining the Masons, the O.T.O. (more on that for future posts), or any other secret society. At the time, we figured not knowing how to find them was part of their appeal.  Having no other option, we resolved to start our own secret society, a plan we then declared to everyone present (about 6 of us). Everyone agreed it was a brilliant idea, and formed the core membership of what we dubbed The Sideways Order of the Path of the Crab!

Drew and I fashioned a logo and drew up a mission statement. We even went so far as to create a degreed system of titles as one progressed horizontally along the crustacean course. We were laughably serious about all this. The Sideways Order of the Path of the Crab, a secret society of the pious, philosophers, and pranksters. A pseudo-mystical order and safe lodge of discussion for all of those who looked at life a little sideways. Dreams of smoky wood paneled rooms with a roaring fire and snifters of brandy filled our heads (which being in Texas was highly impractical). Then, in true Discordian fashion, the society we founded never met again. Oh sure some of those people would at times be in the same room together. Drew and I occasionally discussed trying to hook new members, or what our secret rites would be like (our secret handshake was beyond ridiculous). I even remember a very halfhearted attempt to hold a meeting at a local coffee shop. I believe a Facebook group might still exist, although I am probably the only remaining member. Our secret society started with a bang and disintegrated like poorly built sandcastles.

If you’ve gotten this far, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Matt. Welcome to my blog. I dream of being a writer you see. I write short stories, and poems, and random blurbs. If you go through the backlog of Multiversity Comics you might still find me there. I have lived a very storied thirty-three years on this Earth, and while I do not lack at all for things to write about what I find do lack is time. So far I’ve fallen into that trap Charles Bukowski calls “ air and space and light”, thinking that I need conditions to be perfect to be able to sit down and have a productive writing session. This whole blogging thing is meant to be an exercise in writing self-discipline and “getting myself out there”.  So every week, or so I hope, I plan to sit down, find an event in my life, a book or movie that I love, or a stray thought, and write about it. Don’t look for a lot of rhyme or reason to it. That was the point of naming this blog after my little doomed philosopher’s club. You may come one week to find a review or retrospective of some comic book series I adore, or a long form essay or list post about certain things I hate, only to come back to next and think I’ve lost my fool mind ranting about various metaphysical concepts. That’s just the way my brain works. I hope you can appreciate it as much as I do. Oh, and I happen to be a Cancer.



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